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dArt GUI

IF this program proves useful to anyone, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it. This was my first time using Objective-C and I think I love this language. I really love it! Here's a link to the application's page!



I've made a command line application to download artwork from Apple servers.

This post is kinda late, since my site was down.


How to think of hostname ideas!

  • Name it after a person related to the computer or device. I named my Raspberry Pi, "Turing", after the father of computer science, since the Raspberry Pi is about teaching computer science to young kids and improving the state of computer science education. You can also just name it after a great person, unrelated to its purpose; for example, my iPhone is named "Lovelace", after the mother of computer programming, since that's something I enjoy.
  • Name it after a concept you like. My main computer is named "Cognizance", meaning "understanding" or "grasp", since I believe the ability to grasp concepts and truly understand, rather than just know, is a major factor of intelligence.
  • Name it after a fictional character.
  • Mix random vowels with consonants and experiment, until you get something you think sounds and looks good. You could try starting with a base word, which you can get from any of the methods above and change it slightly to avoid common names

All in all, pretty much the same as naming a person, I'd imagine. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to avoid problems.

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Exposing the Lies of Feminists

I'm gonna say something unpopular here, but I believe there's no such thing as patriarchy or rape culture, nor was there ever any sexism towards either sex, but only inequality. The inequality wasn't because of sexism, thinking one sex is superior, it was due to some very different reasons. Moreover, women actually had a better time of it than men. Hear me out!

I've always been for men and women having equality, but never a fan of feminism, simply because I think equality should be the default position. Add to that the fact that I've been scolded by females for making my views known about the inequality that men face because of some stupid women who take feminism to mean that women can act without consequence, and I've not been happy with feminism. To me, it seemed as if feminists never cared about men's issues as well.

Of those feminists who did, I just thought of them as reasonable people who want equality, not feminists. A movement is supposed to fight social injustice. When that injustice becomes non-mainstream or people start to recognise the movement and tries to fix the issues that need fixing, that movement's ideals become part of society as a whole. Then, the movement becomes invisible, i.e non-existent, except for those parts which aren't accepted by society in the mainstream, which become the extremists (which I'm not using as an insult, every movement is an extreme movement at one point, even my thesaurus has activist as a synonym for extremist). For that reason, I've never really liked feminism, as I've never accepted the ones that try to put women on pedestals.

Within the past year or so, I've discovered a site for men's rights on Reddit. That site woke me up to a whole range of other sites, people, prominent men's rights activists, average angry men's rights activists, facts, statistics, feminism theories, lies, etc. Here are some of the things I've learnt.

  • Rape accusations - a woman can accuse a man of rape and the court will suddenly turn into blithering idiots who ignore credible evidence in favour of the woman's word. The man's name is published before he is pronounced guilty and even if it later comes out that he's innocent, the false accuser rarely gets more than a slap on the wrist - - here's an example:
  • Domestic abuse - contrary to what the mainstream feminist groups tell you, read any unbiased study and you see that the rates for domestic abuse are actually pretty level - -
  • Reproductive rights - e.g. the right to abort the baby is only the mothers'. That's understandable if you want to say that it's her body, and she bears the pain, so she should be able to choose to abort it, but that argument falls down when you consider that men aren't allowed to abort *their* baby that the woman is carrying. That's one example of reproductive rights gone wrong.
  • A woman can name any man as the father of her baby, and the man has to challenge that within 30 days, or he has to start paying child support. The woman doesn't have to prove that the baby is his.
  • Male genital mutilation gets laughs from a mainstream source of women's entertainment, female genital mutilation would get you angry responses.
  • Women get lighter sentences simply for being women -
  • Boys who are victims of statutory rape have to pay child support to their rapists -
  • Many airlines don't allow men from sitting next to kids that aren't their own, because men are all potential child molesters, but women are all incapable of such filth of course - - many airlines still have this policy and a lot have it, but don't tell you.
  • Parental rights - women can easily put up a child for adoption without the father's consent -
  • Women owned businesses get free money, just for being owned by women -
  • Women's health gets more spending, despite men living shorter lives -
  • There are no known abuse shelters for men. Women shelters often turn down men abused at the hands of a woman.
  • Men can still be drafted into war, legally, while women face no such issue. Yeah, the so called "patriarcy" served women better than it ever did men. War was also a man's job. For those that say that this is sexist towards women, it is, but I'd much rather be considered too weak to fight than to be forced to fight in a war I don't agree with. Feminism always makes it look as if the women have it worse on certain issues, and this is one of the issues that feminists were convinced made it worse for women, because they can't "serve their country". Yeah, okay, women have it worse there, feminists, we're lucky to be able to be forced to "serve our country" (only not done in America now because they brainwash the men into doing it).
  • In many jurisdictions, men legally cannot be raped. If a man cries sexual harassment or rape, people laugh and say he must have enjoyed it.
  • Men do NOT earn more than women when you actually account for hours worked, danger of jobs taken, compromises they put in to advance their career, risks they take, etc. This is documented. In fact, unmarried females without kids earn more than unmarried men without kids. Women get to spend more time with family and get more benefits, such as better working locations, better working conditions, less working hours, jobs with high stress in the same area of work, e.g. surgeons, instead of dentists, etc. all by choice. Female CEOs often earn less than male CEOs in the same area, showing that it's not discrimination, but simply that women don't put in as much into their work as men. Women prefer spending time with family than putting in that extra hour in the office, they prefer time to themselves, they prefer to be safer, they prefer all the benefits that come with lower pay. Men usually do the opposite. - consider that men comprise 95% of workplace deaths; does the pay gap seem unfair now? Or is 77 cents for the safe women to $1 for the man in danger actually unfair to the man now, even considering that that figure is without all other factors being equal? Mainstream feminist groups have been hiding so many facts, statistics, twisting others, making male oppression out to be female oppression, e.g. the example of war that I used earlier.
  • Just as a bonus, the thing about the double standard of men being thought of as players and woman as sluts is actually another myth -
  • Yes, women are sexually objectified, just as men are, but men are also the ones who are objectified as pawns to protect the women and children - "women and children first", "ladies first", etc. All of this basically means that men lay down their lives to protect women and children. Children is understandable, but why women? I'll tell you why: because women are, biologically, inherently more valuable than men. Why? Because a couple of men to impregnate many women can still keep the species alive, but a couple of women to be impregnated by many men is way too slow if the species ever gets into trouble. That's why in the past, polygyny was the norm and men to fight war was the norm. Not because we were sexist towards men or women, or wanted one to have more pleasure or pain than the other, or thought they were superior, but simply because it was what made biological sense, and our societies simply moulded around our biology.

If polygyny was the norm, are we sexist towards women? Men forced to fight to protect women and children in wartime and forced to risk their lives to let women and children go first in life-threatening peacetime, e.g. fire, predator attack, natural disasters. Men were policemen, firemen, soldiers, protectors and breadwinners, is that all because we were sexist towards women by putting their abilities below men, or because we didn't want to endanger them? Royalty doesn't always fight in the war, do we say we're classist? No, because we know the king/queen has power and the ones who fight for them don't say "don't do it because you can't", they say "don't do it, because you're important".

What feminism made out to be sexism towards women in not being breadwinners (even though men couldn't really be a stay-at-home dad either without criticism) is actually because society valued women and children, as they are the future of the species. Is the fact that men were forced to fight or earn money for being men sexism towards men, or is it the fact that it simply made more biological sense? Feminists complained about being stuck at home and being constrained. Well guess what, men were constrained to an even worse place: the workplace and battlefield.

Do you see how society moulded itself from what made sense for each individual to do to benefit the species as a whole? Society wasn't unfair to both men and women because of sexist reasons, but simply because it helped society grow and become more powerful. Society was unequal, not sexist. It was never sexist.

Anti-male legislation -
Male systematic (i.e. actual laws against men, not ambiguous things to determine, like social attitudes) oppression - - where I got most of these points above from.

Chivalry -
Objectification -
Male disposability -
Female's legally and socially protected status in the past, and men being legally and socially responsible for everything their wives do - - yeah, that's right, marriage has served the woman more from the beginning, rather than the man.

Please reread history and all the facts, not what you were taught in school by (ever noticed?) primarily female teachers and your single mothers, which automatically have an advantage because custody cases are unfairly geared towards the woman.

There was no such thing as patriarchy. Society was actually worse towards men.
There was no such thing as rape culture. Men found it just as reprehensible then as they do now, and always tried to protect their mothers, daughters and partners. The rapists faced vigilante justice from the female's male protectors, just as they do today. If you say something about men using rape as weapons of war, I dare you to go through war without being desensitised or dead! The fact of rape in the military, even today in the US army, is always focused on as men raping women. Now that women are actually allowed to fight, there are cases of women raping women and men as well, so we need to focus on rape as a human issue. Not a human issue like feminists say it, as in men can help stop it just as much as females by not doing it, but men and women can both prevent it by not doing it. Men and women victims and perpetrators can both come forward, hopefully not in a proud way in the latter case. Men and women can both help male and female (or anything in between) victims and male and female (or anything in between) perpetrators (e.g., rehabilitation).

I'll leave you with the biggest double standards that feminists have perpetuated: males as aggressors and females as innocent and men as more sexual and females as less sexual. Just reverse the genders in this video, which is just one example of the big gap in justice between men and women aggressors and victims in society: - I'll finish the title for you: by three 13 year old girls in broad daylight, while he's screaming for his mommy, who then decides not to press charges, which if it did happen would have resulted in a charge of misdemeanour assault, as the police told her, not sexual assault.

If the genders were reversed, the boys would be seen as sick perverts who sexually assaulted an innocent younger girl, not as curious, playful boys who let a "prank" go too far.

If I seem angry in this post, it's because I am. I had no idea of the crimes that mainstream feminist groups commit, trying to not bring equality for women, but to make men guilty or think they are somehow wrong for being a man. Now that I know, I am angry that the truth has been hidden from me. The truth about treatment of men and women in the past and the truth about the interaction between men and women in society today.


Free programming resources!

If you ever thought there was not enough free resources to start programming. If you can't afford a paid course, there are plenty of free courses that people make available for free.

Here is a huge list on StackOverflow, which includes metalists.

Comment below if you know of a free programming resource not included in that list! It doesn't have to be books, any resource to learn programming.


Blog is back up

I'm back, guys. My blog was down for a while, due to a database issue. It's fixed now. I was also inactive because of A-Level exams, but that was over quite a while ago, and I think it's time to start writing again.

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I'll be inactive for a while due to exams looming up ahead. Expect no updates for a while.


Kill ACTA and TPP!

Stop ACTA & TPP: Tell your country's officials: NEVER use secretive trade agreements to meddle with the Internet. Our freedoms depend on it!

For European users, this form will email every MEP with a known email address.
Fight For The Future may contact you about future campaigns. We will never share your email with anyone. Privacy Policy

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Migrating from a MacBook Pro to a MacBook Air

You know you're a masochist when instead of using Migration Assistant or just starting again, you go through every folder you can think of that was changed (not necessarily directly by you) in the course of owning your computer.

I've just finished migrating to my new MacBook Air (new for me) from my Pro. I had a lot of files, such as certain preferences, etc. that were important to me, but wouldn't have been migrated with Migration Assistant. I also didn't just want to clone the HD, since

  1. The MBA SSD capacity is smaller than the MBP capacity and I needed more space. I managed to solve this by not transferring my whole iTunes library, which was 110 GB, mostly podcasts, followed by a few movies and TV shows.
  2. I didn't want to transfer a MBP-specific installation of OS X onto a MBA. This would probably just have caused problems in the future.

I didn't migrate perfectly. There were a few things I forgot, but not much and they weren't very important (just the position of Dashboard widgets, as well as the notes that were saved in the Stickies widget, plus some other stuff). All in all though, I'm enjoying the speed of the SSD and the light-weight. Plus, the higher resolution display is awesome for fitting more apps in my menu bar.

One tip for migrating without Migration Assistant is to not. Try a Dropbox 100 GB account.

For people who like to mess with system files or install command line apps like me, learn from my mistake. Make a note of any changes you make/apps you install, or install something which does that for you automatically. You'll need that list when you upgrade to a new computer and you want to start without moving all your cruft across, but also need important files in hidden folders. For example, I installed a bunch of command line apps in the '/usr/local/bin' directory. When it came time to migrate my stuff, I just copied them over to my new computer. This means I miss the man pages and documentation for them. Easier just to list them all, then reinstall the first chance you get, that way you'll get the binaries, plus the other stuff that comes with them.


Bastet for Mac OS X

GAH! Sorry guys, this update'll have to come later, I'm in the middle of a long process here.